• emeritus 49w

    Governmentogenesis Imperfecta

    A country blessed; Nigeria
    A land flowing with milk and honey,
    A city set on a hill,
    The hill of Africa.

    A land of diverse cultures and norms,
    Coexisting in peace and unity,
    Would it be wrong for Nigeria to be seen as one of the worlds richest countries?
    Is it wrong for Nigeria to be referred to as a truly blessed country?
    Is it wrong for Nigeria to gain ascension to world power?
    Is it wrong for her government to listen to its people?
    Is it wrong for Nigeria to lend to other nation resources?

    Likened to a cow, we were not underdeveloped,
    We were over-milked.
    We were not underdeveloped,
    We were overexploited.
    As a symbol, the national treasury was swept under the carpets of peoples pockets,
    Power perversion in high places,
    Bloodshed is not blood forgotten,
    We want bad governance ended
    But the question is...

    Who will ascend the throne?
    Who is good enough?
    Who has fought the lions of corruption and won?
    Who has dined with the sisters of pleasure and has come out pure?

    God,wisdom and money are defenses,
    Might wasn't one of them.
    Our future depends on us,
    I hope we make the right decision.