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    Somehow, this and preceding poems are all related :')
    'Til then, I'll be finishing my homework for another school week ❤

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    candlelights speak

    Once in a plate's drop
    Candlelights age waxy
    'Til the Flowers rise again
    O in this epiphany

    Missing, what's missing
    Whelming o'er the sidewalk
    Covered in time these days
    Without a nice talk

    Marbleized flooring
    Without a dreamy footstep
    And the Winter rages twice
    For each time I schlep

    Missing, what's missing
    Over the dull carpet's home
    O candlelight gleams 'til dusk
    Figurines get disowned

    Slippery hands these days
    You can easily betray love
    Leaving Herculean sighs
    From a journey too rough

    Sticks and stones for the next
    Popping knuckles this year
    So many psalms to recite
    Over the candlelights dear

    Missing, what's missing;
    Dwelling over the corpus
    Of lost sights and warmth
    Like objects out of use

    Still in my pine cabin
    Eyes and body shaking
    Like the Sun never came
    In a lifetime fainting

    In the Snowstorm in mind
    'Til the tempest shivers then,
    What's missing in my heart
    Freezes in time once again

    O candlelights speak more
    Than the lover itself would
    In the nadir of far unions
    Candlelights speak as it would

    Poem no. 21