• maestral 9w

    An old poem

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    Thought you knew

    You told me you were strong.
    You were fine walking alone.
    I smiled. You’d learn after awhile
    we are made to be with someone.

    When the heat of love finally bakes your heart
    When you suddenly feel lonely in a crowded room
    I won’t be laughing
    I will understand
    You can tell me how you received the wound.

    We think we have all the answers
    till someone finds a way to enter our soul.
    We think we are invulnerable
    until the time when we receive our first wound.
    Love is not the end
    Just a beginning where you never know
    where you will go
    what it portends.

    I am just a friend who has walked this path.
    I am no wiser only experienced in these fires
    where discovery makes us tender
    where experience makes us larger
    where we begin to recognize we need each other
    cause there is no weakness in letting love in.

    You told me you were strong
    and then the one came along.
    You felt your world shatter;
    Now that you know what matters —

    You are stronger since love
    came along.