• florakode 49w

    Don't, don't tell me you love me.
    I know you do but he said those same words.
    Don't, please don't come close
    Your touch reminds me of his hands on me
    Palms pressed against my lips
    Forcing me to swallow my screams.
    Don't, don't tell me it'd be okay
    Because it's been five years and I still see him every single night.
    Don't, please don't tell me Jesus loves me,
    Where was He when I was violated?
    Don't, don't tell me you see me
    If you did, you'd notice I've been dead for a while.
    I try to smile but there's no glimmer in my eyes.
    Don't, don't tell me there's justice because I'm the only one being haunted while he goes about his daily life.
    Don't, please don't tell me anything because you do not understand.
    If you must do something,
    Tell our uncles that we were just little kids who are still too young to understand why
    Tell our boys that girls are more than just bodies to be exploited.
    Tell our parents to pay more attention to those they call friends.
    If you must do anything, pray for us because healing isn't forthcoming.