• arcane_pearl 26w

    Smiling at the world below, i was wondering if I should speak up. All the things that held me back
    One of them was the fear of loosing you. It wasn't the blissful wind nor wasn't the petrichor. I was on the roof top. Enjoying the soft air playing with each strand of my hair, and little mist dancing on my fingers. Was it the breathtaking dusk?...or the Aurora lights scattered through the wide ocean like sky...?
    "You cold?" A calm...soulful voice passed through my ears. I had something in my mind. I wanted to confess that to him. And there was no turning back. My heart screamed out, scratched my cage and spine got rigid. I was shaking all over... because I was sure this is it! He is it! I took a deep breath, no second thoughts...no confusion behind...this was the present...He was my present...I kept all of these thoughts aside. And when I opened my eyes...all I saw was the eyes filled with love...and a hand stretched out. They tangled with my fingers...eyes searching for mine...the warm feel sprawled my every inch of skin...and at that moment I truly felt loved...so I filled my lungs with the air of love...I was ready to let it all out...and so I said...

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    And soo i said...