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    Now I'm searching every lonely place
    Every corner calling out your name
    Tryna find you but I just don't know
    Where do broken hearts go? Where do broken hearts go?
    - Where Do Broken Hearts Go, One Direction

    I think I've "mistaken" Soulmates and Muses to be synonyms.

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    Where do all broken hearts go? Maybe they go to a place where all the broken muses are lost. And they search for their other halves in the melancholic lanes. Oh did I just reach a realization? Are those broken hearts, broken muses, searching for their other half?

    We bump into other halves. Different shades come together. But not every shade of colour forms the perfect hue. The complete hue.
    We bump into other halves. And when we bump, we go into this slow motion I think. In that slow time, we create moments of love, see dreams of an 'us' and build our future. Then in the same slow motion, we see the built futures crumbling down to pieces, the thought of 'us' disappearing and moments turning into memories. Then we break. And the slow motion ends.
    When two different muses bump into each other, they break like glasses. Some leave scars, some leave wounds. Some leave relief, some leave regrets. Some leave the question of "What if I didn't say/do that" or "What if I'm overreacting".

    And while we're struggling with our own uncertain thoughts, retrospecting our decisions and the other muse's decisions as well, we find our other half muse. Some find it very early but realise late. Some find it very late but they realised early (just scared to make what is called the first step).

    And you'd think that most of the times it would be people who have the same likings and interest who would fit together. Well, yes that happens but not most of the times, it's half the time. There are people who are completely opposite to each other, and when they find each other, they find their incomplete selves whole again. The both cases are fifty-fifty, you can say.

    Where do all broken hearts go? Where do all broken pieces go? Where do muses go?
    We scatter ourselves, with the hope of finally finding that one thing which would help us find redemption from these heartbreaks.

    Where do we reach? Is the destination worth it?
    We reach in the embrace of those other muses. The ones that fit perfectly with each other, like a faultlessly beautiful hue. And is it worth it? Oh, with the kind of patience you have had, I think it is.