• yaish__ 110w

    Character traits and colour.

    Having personal and favourite color identifies who you are and what you are as a person.My kind of favourite color changes periodically as i grow.

    When I was 6,
    My favourite and attention seeking colour was pink.
    I was kind of a whole package which had immense love and care for all. Was kinda girlish and immature which people ain't liked at all. Was sweet and kind to everyone but none accepted me as I was.
    I was physically weak which used to be the interesting topic to discuss for all. I know I was an over- emotional kind of a girl and I do get easily emotional when people hurt me saying such a emotional fool you are.
    But it was something like " I am who I am". No one used to be my friends for my over possession and over love towards them who I truly admired and love.

    When I turned 14,
    Turquoise was the colour that I started liking. Healing and self sufficiency what I accepted and started growing with. From all the negativity, fake people I actually started learning to stay alone and enjoy my own company. I balanced my emotions very well. I explained my heart to be stronger than it was. I clarified my thoughts my view towards life.

    When I turned 17,
    Purple was the colour that was tempted and attracted me. I was creative and inventive yet acted like immature. I was pompous and arrogant as people constant behaviour made me like that.
    Before I was calm and kind to everyone, but as I was turning old I met people with a fake mask on their face and a fake personality that they maintain. This made me a bit arrogant that I was never before.
    Purple represent the future, the imagination and dreams that I always chase.

    Finally I turned 19,
    I started liking the grey colour because I can see that I'm the combination of both intense anger and calmness. I react to the situation rather being numb like a statue.
    I became mature to understand the things more clearly. Black implies self- control and discipline, independence that I've became and a strong person that I am. Pureness and transparent is my heart where love is filled for all. Simplicity is my identification and humanity to serve my personality.