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    Metaphoric raindrops!

    Once, when i was young,
    I believed that hearts break
    Into red roses and tulips,
    Painting the day into twilight
    And the sun into a blood stained
    Slayer, eradicating umpteen hopes
    By gulping the light from the world
    Just in a blow! But as I bloomed
    Into an ephemeral bud,
    My eternal thorns elucidated me
    That hearts don't break but die
    Bestowing its beats to the
    Stars and all my nyctophylic eyes
    See ain't stars twinkling but
    Umpteen heartbeats, vibing
    To the elegies sung by the scarred moon!

    Once, when i was young,
    I believed that memories were metaphoric
    Raindrops, sometimes, bespattered
    Over craving and crying hearts
    Because once i heard someone say,
    'It is the east and Juliet is the sun'.
    I used to wonder if their love could
    Victory over unwanted memories
    Because the old lady in the street
    Always said memories are nothing
    But trammelled catalysts to melancholy.
    But as my experiences meteorically grew
    Even faster than my capabilities,
    I learnt that memories are
    Synonymized to oblivion and
    There was no burden in carrying them.
    Instead, they flowed down the eyes
    To fall in the canvases of love
    And ruin the paintings of faith and hope!