• jaydmarvin 61w

    It's been more than a year
    Ever since she left me ignored,
    My tears in my solitude
    never ceased untill every single
    weary emotion left in my heart.

    Every tear drop that fell from my heart
    Through my eyes, not only shed the salty water
    It also shed blood that had her memory in my veins
    And One day when I wake up from my bed
    With no tears left, I couldn't find even a single trace of her image and her memories.

    Being ignored again and again
    made me strong not to fall again.
    Weeping in the darkest nights
    from the deepest depths of my heart
    rendered the most strongest man over billions.

    Now she is not the girl of my dreams
    But just an unfortunate women
    in the billions whom I thought of sharing
    my every good things and the serene love
    to be felt more loved and secure.