• nawikrita_t_rai 100w


    When they leave us, our counter intuition is to think that it's their loss, that they're losing a special person, and that we've got nothing to lose. This thought makes us deal with their absence for sometime and makes us believe that we've moved on and won. However, deep down there's an underlying feeling of loss which we keep suppressing and overlooking- that feeling of guilt, regret and most dominantly of loss. Then there comes a rainy day when all is gloomy and grey- these flat-ironed thoughts emerge into our insecurities and shake us out of oblivion to remorse which keeps increasing as the rain falls harder and harder. It's okay, let them flow into your nerves, that's how you're going to release them. You don't have to be in control all the time, sometimes it's okay to be sad and mourn for the loss of a life and some love. You can decide to be happy again tomorrow.