• garima_jackson 19w

    God's Love So GREAT

    Millions of blessing
    Showering each day,
    Unseen battles angles fighting
    Every Single day,
    Little did I know what
    Unconditional love is !
    Immersed in verses I discovered
    A love so great really exists..

    When truth came on doorstep
    Said I am Poessive for you know?
    That you follow righteous path
    Doesn't believe right?
    But the day you realise,
    Will change your life.
    Coz His eyes are focused on You
    And all controls are handled by him,

    In the presence of him
    You will experience Heaven
    For his hands is outstretched for everyone
    I don't know what words are these
    All I know I discovered that God's love is so GREAT
    You know it right?

    Knock Knock is at the door
    Run Run and cherish it
    Coz clock seems to be in race
    Don't miss it by being so busy with things,
    Coz a Love so GREAT is waiting ⏳for You
    Just for you Everyday.