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    To anyone who would listen ( III )

    It doesn't matter if you're not
    Liked at your house, the place you
    Called home earlier. You have
    Another secretive world. Another
    Different world with no parents,
    And siblings and no family
    Relations. You have the world
    Of friends. The seven letter word
    That has an impact almost
    Directly at the heart. To dear younger
    Me, you didn't understand the value
    Of this seven letter word when
    You were at your late childhood.
    To you some of them were just
    Good friends, some were enemies
    And most of them were jealous.
    Well, people might be a nerd some-
    Times. But that doesn't signifies
    Their real attitude. Friend is a word
    That itself is an emotion. Specially
    Those friends at your schooldays
    Were just baskets of emotions
    Beside you. But you didn't feel it.
    You just saw competitions for
    Winning against them. I am not
    Scolding, cause we can't change
    The past. I would just like to advise
    You to learn the value of friendship
    In future. Cause friends are real
    Stones that are hard to find.

    I was watching a farewell video
    Today and tears swept my cheeks
    While those students in my phone
    Were crying and embracing each
    Other. I realised my past, and thought
    10 years I wasted in competitions.
    And forgot the emotions of friends.
    True friends when United can change
    The world and I immediately promised
    My future self to understand. Cause
    Understandment was the only thing
    I lacked.

    So, dear anyone who would listen,
    A small piece of advice to you all,
    To understand someone's true value
    Before shunting them aside. Thank you.