• nassaraghad 65w

    Walk under the rain if you are mentally tired.

    I love walking under the tears of rain clouds as they cry, it's deeper than it's thought to be. They make my body wet but not only that, they refresh my tired soul as each drop hits my skin, and that energy is absorbed into my spirit, talking physics here. It runs between the cracks of my ill soul, sewing the parts of it again together, reviving it. Not only that rain washes away the dirt off my shoes as I walk non-stop with no planned destination to stop my brain from thinking, and to feel the power of raindrops instead, it also wipes away the heaviness that my heart feels, leaving it as light as a feather, I'm breathing, I'm alive, how can it be such a fast cure? As those drops land peacefully on my hair, get stands of hair to hug each other, they roll on my cheek to end up dancing on my neck all the way to my arm where they move all adagio to fall off my fingers, with every beat of my heart, every breath that I take, something is being unseized, feels like dust is being brushed off this body and that soul, some music talk. Talking chemistry, an atom of optimism with 2 of hope would leave my soul asking for more of that magical reaction, yes magical, when it can cure as it churns up tides of the sweetest memories where laughter can be heard, happy faces can be seen, pleasant aroma of delicious freshly baked bread or cookies can be smelled, simple yet reviving moments you didn't really pay much attention to. Mathematically, those tiny drops have got the 'power' to restore my broken soul into 1.