• differentlywired 41w

    The Monsoon Rainbow

    It was just another Friday night,
    Dreary, balmy and wet,
    Pregnant with the smell of open sewers,
    Abuzz with the cacophonic traffic,
    A mechanical evening in a mechanical jungle,
    I monotonously tap, 'like' and key in,
    Amidst the many faces, I chance upon one,
    I feel my pulse waver ever so slightly,
    I beat it down as I always have,
    A few, unnoticed moments pass,
    You smile back,
    And the waver becomes a twitch,
    The interspersed moments are suddenly too visible,
    We start talking,
    And I find myself blurring out the white noise,
    I can't help noticing you over and over,
    From bacon wrapped prawns to your butterfly tattoo,
    I am mesmerized by you,
    And I am utterly, hopelessly clueless,
    As you open up easily and unencumbered,
    The moments now begin to disappear,
    I stay glued to my luminous screen,
    Like a hapless child sedated under the night lamp,
    You begin to paint pieces from your life's canvas,
    Iridescent, textured pictures of an unforgettable past,
    I feel the ebb and tide of the waves you crashed through,
    A ship waltzing with its sailor,
    Your kindred spirit lights up mine,
    Stokes the spark to a crackling fireplace,
    I begin to feel,
    I begin to wake up from my cold, steely slumber,
    Your sublime presence washes over me,
    The hypnotizing swoop of a magician's wand,
    I am conscious and under control,
    Yet your music enchants me furthermore,
    I resonate with your mellifluous chords,
    The bass of your rhythm pulsating in my heart,
    A thousand emotions pummel me,
    As they melt all the frozen shards,
    I break through the chords that bind me,
    And gleefully tie myself unto yours,
    I am neither bound nor alone,
    I catch a glimpse of all of you,
    As you wrap up with your curtain act,
    I walk back into the velvety night,
    Only to seek the rainbow that you left behind,
    And resurrect the sun of your afterglow.