• the_plash_writes 41w


    Rose, he is called 
    She is not Jean, but John
    Yes they are little different
    But the same human they are
    Praful or Priyanka 
    Does it really matter ?
    It's just a name
    Only a notation
    He sees no beauty
    But handsome one's are his charm
    Still he can't admit 
    He pretends to be someone else
    As a boy he was born
    Can't he chose ?
    What he wants ?
    What he desires ?
    No he can't 
    Society doesn't call
    She is caged in a wrong body
    A soul of contradiction
    Always a discrete
    Opposite to the gentle
    Doesn't like any make up
    Haven't seen any mirror in a while
    She is all another
    Different are her thoughts
    But is it really her fault ?
    Can't forget to mention those 
    Who are still disputes 
    Yet not sure 
    Who they really are ?
    One within the crowds ?
    Or one under the shower ?
    If it is just sex ?
    The what is the gender ?
    If both are same 
    Then why am I different ?
    You are straight ?
    You are a bisexual ?
    You are blessed
    Ohh you are a gay ?
    You gorgeous 
    SEX is just BODY
    But SOUL is GENDER 
    You are pure
    You are special
    You are unique
    You are beautiful
    Be YOU that what matters.