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    I hate happy endings �� (no I take it back. I love happy endings)

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    A Broken Cup

    Reading cups each morning
    Instead of a newspaper
    Turned a habitual action.

    News that brought frown
    Followed a smile
    With lines on the cup
    "My Lady Love"
    One that broke
    With a humongous

    They say before hitting you
    He hits near you. Was it right?
    I never got to test the theory.
    Throwing him out,
    I patched the cup,
    Placed it amongst the broken
    My trust, my heart, a bit of my soul

    Years have passed
    Multiple tokens rest
    Near the broken cup

    With an equally broken smile

    I thought of forever,
    A thought, when I thought
    That love would last forever

    I was wrong

    (Or was I wrong?)