• lakshmisundareswaran 29w


    Sometimes the light will shine through.
    It makes its way to the surafce to show you
    That within all this mess and chaos,
    There is still a spark to help us when we're at a loss.
    The gentle love from the soul deep within
    Appears just at the right time, and hope it will bring.

    There is so much pain all around this earth.
    We must hold out a helping hand and show what it's worth,
    That being there in times of need,
    In times of fear, stress, hurt and greed.
    To blanket us in warmth and care,
    To love, guard us, to actually share.
    Share the burden, lift the load,
    A hand, a hug, as we face ahead this long road.

    You see, we do have the means, this special gift,
    And instead of passing by, we need to stop, to help lift,
    The ones who find themselves in a lonely place.
    We must care more for one another; we are but one human race.
    How can you close your ears and eyes and turn away
    From someone's call for help or a hand reaching out from where they lay?
    It's a must, this thing that so many lack.
    We all need a telling off and must get back on track.

    A path where we all must walk,
    A path where we are never afraid to talk.
    It is amazing the strength that another can take.
    When all you give is time, what a difference it can make.
    Listen and stay still for a while.
    You will be touched and honoured from their smile.
    That someone in this busy world has cared,
    That their troubles are less now they've been shared.

    A hug or a hand will cure so many hurting hearts,
    And one step foward is all it takes to start.
    Please, let's try and shift us onto a better path.
    Let's make someone smile, maybe even laugh.
    There is good within us all, this there is no doubt.
    Let's learn to spread it far and wide, freely give it out.
    The next time you see, hear, or feel someone needs a helping hand,
    Stop and listen, it's time for you to take a stand.
    ©Lakshmi Sundareswaran