• djehanepoetry 2w

    The Power of Prayer

    While might is a Divine privilege,
    Frailty is a human attribute; if you are fragile,
    You need strength to buttress your weakness,
    To reinforce your spirit, to brighten your mood!
    You need strength to be able to fight evil, corruption,
    Injustice, and to promote kindness and compassion;
    You need strength to continue being yourself,
    To stand tall against prejudice, and to avoid being crushed;
    You need strength to face adversity, to reject
    Intolerance, to seek freedom, and to apply yourself to
    Good deeds! Yes! We all need the strength of
    The Supreme Being, the consolation of Prayer,
    The solace of Hope, the light of Divine Guidance,
    The everlasting support of the Heavenly Realm!

    © Djehane Hassouna, 2006

    Rainbow of Emotions, page 24