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    Dear Anku,

    I am writing this letter to you with my deepest love for the kind of person you are. You are kind hearted, caring but naive.

    I would not tell you how life is going to be ahead because it is you who has to live it but I will tell you this Be more confident, be more vocal, don't be afraid to share your opinion.

    Be direct but don't be rude. Be polite but strong headed. Learn how to make REAL friends, learn to be happy. Happiness is the key to everything. Learn all the things possible. Learn the basic surviving skills. cook, drive, ride, travel, explore.

    Explore yourself. Focus on your career, have a passion, follow that passion. Have a clear AIM. Do everything you can. I know you will fail, you will cry, you will get hurt but that's life. Do everything so that you don't regret anything today.

    Have patience, have empathy, have compassion, trust in GOD and be the best in what you do. Last but not the least


    With Love,
    Your Future