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    This is to encourage believers to not let go of God's hand no matter what they might be going through in life.

    God has your back no matter, how you feel!
    Only God's promises count, not your feeling...your feeling will fail you, but God's promises are "Ye and Amen" in Christ Jesus!

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    To the brother now in the valley,
    That brother going through hell at the moment,
    To the sister battling with disappointments,
    Tears have colonized your eyes like the colonial masters,
    To parents feeling helplessly helpless over their child,
    Suffering from pains that lack identity,
    That parent going around with an empty heart,
    Because your precious child just kicked the bucket,
    To you overwhelmed with confusion,
    Clueless on what to do, where to go,
    To you feeling all alone, forgotten
    By friends and family,
    To the believer whose faith
    Has refused to move mountains,
    To you, He says;
    rejoice, rejoice, rejoice evermore!
    say to your mind, "drink water"!
    for I am right besides you through it all!
    I am willing and I am able...
    ...to make all things beautiful,
    better than the former,
    in my time!