• __adiroy__ 17w

    #learn the difference, the difference between the high class and the low class...#learn to be kind..#learn to spread love...

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    I was having my usual meal under the roof high;
    But they were still counting the stars in the night sky.

    I couldn't complete the whole,I was on a diet;
    But they were waiting for me to throw the leftover for their children to satisfy their appetite.

    I went to my bedroom to have a good sleep under the air conditioner;
    But they went on to spend a sleepless night experiencing the damn summer.

    The next morning ,I woke up late with everything ready in front of me;
    But those nocturnal humans had already set out in search of food free.

    The day went on and I was still being lethargic;
    But they were still searching if they could find something in the dump pit.

    It was soon evening and I thought to hang out with my friends somewhere;
    But it was still the same , they were looking for food everywhere.

    Finding me returning home on my lamberghi;
    They came running to me asking for some money.

    On their arrival ,I showered on them some words harsh;
    And tears fell from the little one's eyes which had sparks.

    I went on to have my meal, being normal;
    But they sat on the footpath, counting stars as usual!!!!!!