• roxana91 35w

    Shine over my long brown hair

    You are the pinnacle of longing
    That makes my lips burn,
    You are the sword that passes
    Through my thin veins.

    It's like dancing tango -
    When I take a step towards you,
    You take a step back.
    When you're tired, you give me a break,
    Trying to dance with someone else.

    It's funny that you always come back to me,
    Even though I'm not a "good dancer",
    But maybe my sincere feelings for you-
    Make a difference.

    You still don't know what you want,
    Maybe you're still a child,
    But one day dear, things must change
    For the better - for us.

    I've known you for a millennium,
    When you lived in another sky,
    And I picked you up from there-
    To shine over my long brown hair.