• babyzee 85w

    Should Have

    You should have Loved me when you
    Had the chance
    Should have treated me better when you
    Had the chance
    Should have valued me when you had the
    I gave you your chances but you played with them
    Gave you my time but you never took it seriously
    Yes i wondered curiously...

    I asked you why you doing this, you promised to change...
    Waited for you but nothing ever changed
    Lost my patience with you
    Got tired of you
    Then you started to notice, tried to come back
    But it was already too late

    You should have

    Should have Cared when you had your chance
    Should have gave it your best when I was still yours
    Should have cherished me when I belonged to you
    Now all hope is gone
    All the patience i ever had is gone
    There's no turning back...