• sudarshan_patil 92w

    There are so many emotions hidden within me and I am trying to explain them here
    The thought process plays vital role in one's life but if it gets through the emotions you get lots of things in consideration in the form of questions like Will it be good or not? Is that ok?? Will it be fine?? I hope nobody gets hurt.....and so on....
    Being emotionally good may or may not be satisfactory for you, as only few of them cares for your emotions.....

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    Too much thoughts in the mind
    Lots of Question marks
    When will they get solved??
    I just whisper within me for answer's
    But everytime I just flows with the thoughts
    Questions turning into avoid state
    Let it go everything is a chance
    Which is acceptable by mind and heart
    Whether to go with that or not??
    Still I am busy in thinking what is better
    And finally somehow my link gets distracted
    And again Answer's are still Question marks