• dead__of__write___20 59w

    Abondoned Dreams

    I thought at first my dreams were abondened but when I opened my eyes and turned around to see I reflected myself in many women's whose dreams were also abondened.I dream to fly high upon the sky like the kite and to shine like the stars.The reality is that the thread of my kite was hold by society who always try to pull down.I learnt that the sky and clouds are not meant for the women from my people.They are for men's who can conquer this world.Not a feminist but give up my dreams as they proclaimed me as a feminist.My thoughts and dreams were high not my strength and support.I was compelled by the people to get married.I know 19 yr is not a age for marriage.But I can't resist for long and fate pull me to a 4 walled place where my rights, thoughts are burried.When I look up the sky I can't see the twinkling stars,the aesthetic moon ,but my eyes search for my dreams ,the abondoned dreams.