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    Oh what a world
    We have to explore!
    From mountain ranges
    To the balmy shore!
    We've got oceans and islands
    All sunkissed
    We've got icebergs and deserts
    Not to be missed!
    We have all kinds of climates
    To meet your needs
    But don't stop at one
    See them all, indeed!
    We have endless varieties
    Of vegetation
    All types of weather
    For all situations
    There's exotic locales
    And the run of the mill
    And when you get done with that
    There's a whole lot more still!
    We've got snowy excursions
    And bright, sandy beaches
    You can travel as far
    As your wildest dream reaches!
    Taste the cuisines
    Lose yourself to each place
    And dear friend, take your time
    'Cause it isn't a race
    So pack up your bags
    And get ready to roam
    For there's so much to see
    In this world we call home!
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 3/28/2020

    *Images from Shutterstock, Pinterest, and Google.


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