• fortae 109w


    I wanna soar
    But how will I?
    When all I've got is a boat
    If I can't soar then I'll begin to paddle
    It might take a while
    But what if I swim?
    I jumped out of the boat
    By turning the engine off
    Now I forgot to soar
    And started to walk
    I broke my knee
    Love was never a fault
    Only that you made it one
    He then took my hand
    And taught me to move
    Watched me fly while I started to walk
    The shift I've been longing for
    Was here all along
    Decades ago even this very moment
    When you are nowhere to be found
    I still have it by my side
    No promises made
    No fantasies expected
    Just drowning in His love
    Just Him and me
    Writing the story of ourselves...