• rising_words 48w

    I can't listen to my heart
    Its a muscle to pump my blood
    And I don't know why
    People say to listen to it.
    My heart beats for me
    And that's all I can listen from it
    I have an inner me
    A voice which only I can hear
    And that's all for me to be here
    In this world with complicated minds
    I have a rhythm inside me
    And I follow it everyway
    And if I disobey
    The consequences I must face
    My rhythm has a voice
    Which only I can listen
    And I know it's just a mechanism
    Then why people make it an emotion
    Its a feeling and a way of love
    To show others and to be broken by others
    I don't believe in hearts
    Its just a muscle to pump my blood.
    There's no feeling inside it
    And that's why we put ours into it
    To let it break into pieces
    That cannot be joined
    I sit ideally to recall what they say
    Only to conclude that
    There's nothing called heart to cure our pain
    And I don't believe in words from my heart
    Its just a muscle to pump my blood.

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    It's just a muscle to pump my blood