• shafiya_kul 12w

    Vini and shaf

    Vini : hi shaf i know things have been crazy and busy and i don't talk to you so much so, don't go looking me or my words with that look in your eyes eyes....
    O yo so how are you ? I am sure you are alive orrrr... Hmm. Omg i don't want to say that The first time we met i mean i saw you i hated you but i am on top of my game you know i didn't have any plans to talk to you but my nots was incomplete what should I do?? Oo shaf its youuu
    Because of notes i started speaking with you .now have started going into relationships with boys ....you know me better than anyone right
    You know things are going mess with him i don't know what to do ?
    Its been 7 years we have met each other and i really miss your coffee and peace of words and some boring stuff
    I hate my people but i like phone
    I need a personal advice i want to talk to you now don't say me why???
    I know if i take break i will be fine
    But there is still many people in my mind
    Hi lets catch up again with same fights and some drama lets meet and change this lines of life
    I know you are still with me be with me...

    Shaf : helo vini or a busy girl what should I say how are you? hope you are not i don't know omg what should i say...
    Yes even i remember the day we met i
    Each other you look like you wanted to eat me so dark but i saw you but you were looking at the boy next standing by me and I know you are still that same thing on this earth
    With small lights in your eyes
    You took my nots and i don't know where it is till now is that book alive or left in paradise i don't find words to describe
    Yaa i know you like your phone
    But what is the use if you don't give time to life hi you are right you need a break in your life go to walk and stop being so nice you are little mean but you are kind
    I don't know how to say lie but you can still see stars even in dark sky
    Lets catch up and change show of our

    Vini, shaf

    Hi can we talk about that days that class
    And our mess
    Let our friend ship take a ship
    Shaf :what really
    Shaf : you just text hi ,hello, and you end

    Vini : don't you start again your self
    I will throw same duster in your face
    Vini : i miss your bond we were crazy And strong

    Shaf : you made me smile again and again and again a few days ago and I know no one else can take your place

    Our friendship goes on like boom
    let's make some music again let's stand out of the class again
    Lets carry cell phone again in school
    vini: and talk to boys you know whyyy?
    Shaf : na not again
    You make me cry again but i don't believe
    Texting to you why i still smileee
    Vini: oo so adorable
    Shaf: stop it plz

    Our friendship is tight and sweet like a
    Don and let us know what is written in our bond
    We are also studying our own lives
    Let us see where it is till now
    Let us choose satisfaction not happiness in our lives together we can do something good with our life maintain some balance and entire paradise

    Vivi : sing with me this night is flawless
    don't you let it gooo ,sing

    Shaf :no thanks
    Or no need you -):)) or let's sing
    Together yes Together

    Vini : ;);)

    We are going to turn around i can see
    All it take a little bit magic to be little
    More crazy and nostalgic
    Some moments are fun
    let's welcome our life together and win
    And take flight :)) to entire na, create paradise.. -):))

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    We meet many crazy people
    In our life and some become special :))