• hylzarie 57w

    I may hurt people who love me
    I may keep hurting them bit by bit,
    To keep them away from this toxic sore.
    And and it's alright if you hate me for this
    Cuz darling I don't even think to hurt you ever...

    I've built a wall around me so that nobody can love my flaws.
    I've scars on my wrist on my back they are deep as dark night,
    I hide them beautifully so that nobody can see those scars of mine,
    And if you see those scars even you also start hating me.
    I don't understand why you start falling for me,
    For you there must be an angel who would love you more than you.
    Soo don't love me, leave me alone
    I belong to this loneliness
    I'm not worthy for your love.......

    *Why the hell you don't understand
    "I'm not worthy for you
    It's better for you to stay away from me"..