• abbaaliyarima 39w

    International Peace Day

    Who's in a better position to define Peace?
    "I think The frequent travellers on the road to maiduguri " or
    "Those who's eyes have welcomed 2009 and are still keeping its company"
    "Those who's ears are friends with gunshots and bomb blast"
    "Those who are blamed for their own death and destruction"
    "Those who are killed ,lynched, jailed by those sent to protect them "
    "Those who are now strangers on their own land,living at the mercy of their fellow men"
    "helpers helping for money and petty benifits"
    "Those who's photos are sold for the highest bidder and their stories are shared only to secure grants "
    indeed,they only knew Peace,and only they can blindly but perfectly sketch the symbol of peace.
    #EverydayBorno #EverydayNortheast
    C~Abba Ali Yarima Mustapha