• umorok 7w

    Cheers to writing!

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    The enticing sweetness swirled slowly in a glass of whiskey residing in the heart of sad poems,
    The ache of longing neatly gift wrapped in saliency of tender yearning found in lovers poems,
    The bursts of bubbly happiness floating around with every clap in the rhyme of children's poems,
    The concrete truth of bricks of politically correct words set in relevant time's contemporary poems,
    The sharp edges of glistening fear trapped in the blood bleeding eyes staring out of horror poems,
    The precariously hidden tumultuousness in every twisted conformance of abstract poems,
    The courageous words saluting the bravery in sacrificing veins of every patriot's poems,
    The belief emanating in the soul of prayers with every chant of a true believer's poems,
    The saccharine tinkle in the chime of lips kissing words uttered with everyday such poems,
    Infinite one liner, rhymic-unrhymic myriad of compositions emanates from the ardent soul-seat of a poet,
    Never to run dry, never to abandon, the words' waterfall is forever abound to the envisioning heart of a poet.