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    This is a poem that is part of the previous storyish post

    Someone a Poem Wrote
    I am a child wild and free to roam yonder as I please
    Exploring the world whose lines I fill in many a word
    Aiming to improve this speck of universe I am 
    Like refining poetry with a flame born from mind
    This magnificent place and I 
    Growing like vines immune to fire spreading 
    Over pages of life as lavaic ink or overgrown ivy
    Crackling feelings influencing me along the way
    To determine what I may or may not do each day
    Whilst in the silent buzz of everyday curiosities
    I dream of a time where my blazing blooms blossom
    Past obscurity and meet the near perfect and truest me
    The me I hope is closest to You yet still the me you penned
    It would be more satisfying to understand the mystery
    Behind how it is you do what you do
    Creating prose out of flesh, blood, and soul
    But I’ll settle for the aurora of content rising within
    Love myself for the wildflower x free volcano hybrid I embody
    And rejoice in knowing I am someone a poem wrote
    In the mystical journal of humanity amongst stars


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