• ishrat_zaman 60w

    Where's the innocence
    that made me mad
    for you, Beloved?
    Where are those promises
    of togetherness
    that you made?
    Where are the dreams
    that you twirled
    in my eyes?
    Where is your tawdry
    love that still swirls
    in my mind?
    Beloved you left
    the caravan of dreams
    without the fear
    of my destruction.
    As if it was your sole
    desire to turn my
    saneness into the insaneness.
    People call me
    a demented person
    And yes I am, for beloved,
    Your memories still
    haunt my delusional world
    to extirpate my roots
    And to incise the wounds
    of the moments
    I spent with you.