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    Unable to understand this grisly phenomena, she clutched the bed-curtain with feverish haste, and there, in the Grey morning light, the door was knocked so badly as if someone was in hurry for...

    This stifling sensation of nightmare made her paralyzed with fear, with a piteous wail of terror, she stood there up, hid her blanched face with a white dimity scarf and finally unlocked the door. As far as she could ascertain, no one was stirring out there, however, to see if there was any traces left over she was rolling her eyes around, suddenly there leaped out on her from back as she turned her neck by side, someone shrieked out "BOO".... in her ear.

    She just freaked out so loud and fell there on floor. After half an hour she got awake back and pulled herself hard to raise up...Taking every possible precaution against whatever being either heard or seen. She finally decided to leave this house as soon as possible. Infact within hours she had arranged all the required stuffs for and packed her baggage too.

    But sooner she realized that it was already 10 in morning and Vive wasn't still out of her room. It seemed strange and worried too, as she had not been noticed since the whole night.
    On reaching Vive's room she found it so very shocking as she saw Cloe was there playing with Vive. Her reaction was like "seriously..."

    Cloe was there in their house for whole night and she wasn't even aware of and neither Cloe's mom asked about her. That all seemed so unnatural also strange that she called both the girls whooping like anything but no response from them...

    To be continued...

    #storytime part-4

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