• anannya02 51w

    The sun shined brilliantly in the blue sky,
    with the clouds forming patterns like those of eddy currents.
    Seemingly calm and serene, the infinite sky extended above makes us wonder how tiny we are in the cosmos, yet how we give primacy to our hardships.
    Hardships are like bees hovering on our heads.
    The constant buzzing makes us so frustrated, that we choose to kill the bee itself,
    But we end up getting stung instead.
    Hardships are the essence of our lives, which if not encountered by a soul, makes the soul's existence meaningless.
    More the hardships, more is the ethical carving of one's soul.
    Once a soul learns to live happily with those hardships, understanding that they are all a part of one's lives, they attain equilibrium in their lives.