• neerajmmeeena 49w

    My Corona Warrior

    A valley blooming with flowers,
    and sky full of glowing stars.
    With happy faces all around,
    Not a single enemy in the town.

    Then demons infiltrated the town,
    Wanted the valley to burn down.
    They were invisible and deadly,
    People seek for saviors of valley.

    While all the mighty were afraid,
    My angel went on to lead the raid.
    Initially nervous, but aware of her might,
    I knew that demons won't survive.

    She was duty bound n had to go alone,
    I wasn't allowed to be near war zone.
    She kept my safety above everything,
    Even though it made her sad and niggling.

    Months passed,I was sitting alone,
    Staring the empty lane from home.
    Waiting eagerly for her to return,
    While I was isolated and forlorn.

    The battle prolonged for days and nights,
    I wrestled with the demons inside.
    In endeavor to make us separate,
    they manoeuvred my thoughts as a bait.

    She spent sleepless night and hectic days,
    armour was suffocating and masks on face.
    Making it difficult to breathe and operate,
    But she kept on going without complaint.

    She overcame every hindrance,
    in attempt to erase demon's existence.
    In the battle many mighty warriors fall,
    But she fought her way and stand tall.

    While the war against evil still persist,
    Her role for the time has come to cease.
    She's coming home and i'm feeling proud,
    Joy is immense of having her around.

    It was a long, depressing and fiery war,
    that left my angel with many scars.
    Its my turn to heal her wounds,
    To love and pamper her profound.

    If at all, a new battle arrive,
    I'll be there standing by her side.
    Would be her shield and take it all,
    Will never let my angel fall..!!