• dipsisri 6w

    An Unexpected Love Maybe.

    I never had an idea,
    That I will fall for you.
    But every second I can't
    Stop thinking about you.

    Past memories that used to haunt me,
    Nowadays have left me free.
    I can't stop daydreaming
    How can a person be so loving?

    Humming 90s love song's,
    Thinking about him but
    Nothing feels wrong.

    A thought of losing you
    Makes me cry,
    I don't know when exactly
    this badly I started loving this guy?

    It all feels so magical,
    It all feels so good,

    ~Dipsi Srivastava

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    Unexpected Love.

    Smiling like a fool all the time,
    Thinking about one same person,
    "Pehla Nasha" playing in the back of head,
    Living in romantic imaginations,
    Not worrying about any unnecessary things,
    Not scared of sleeping alone,
    Not crying on a same reason,
    Not having any bad flashbacks,
    Everything is gradually becoming beautiful.

    How right it feels to be in love?