• virtually_real 28w

    Long forgotten on the benches where once sat a poet scribbling gibberish are few sensible verses he left behind. In those verses stays a reflection of what his lovelorn eyes saw in the smile of the one who invaded his heart and conquered it. So swiftly she did so that there was no time for him to hold himself back and his armies of self control laid down arms right when they were supposed to resist. One smile she put on his mind and it whirled in the pool of her thoughts in an endless loop. She danced to the tune of pop in his mind and he sang for her the classical in background. They both didn't hear any words but the music of vibes and gestures made them open a door to one another's world. Her world was the most interesting he ever visited. He felt like it was his world while he knew it wasn't. Yet he always felt he belonged there, somewhere in her world. He was ready to stand on the sidelines just to be a part of it. And as wonderful as her mind and as beautiful as her heart, her decisions always made him feel like the luckiest person on earth. She placed him right in the centre and he got all he ever wanted in life. There are things that happen to you and make you lose all your fears. She was something that took away every fear that haunted his heart. She brought him peace and love and everything he thought he'd never get. In her world he found himself. In her world he knew the life will always be beautiful, just like her. He is me and she is you. My world, you mean everything to me