• varunpandey 83w

    Sleeping giant

    Hey! So here it is! Yes, that sleeping giant!
    I was looking for it here and there....

    It might be under the pillow,
    It might be over that window....
    It might be lying on my table,
    It might be ringing near the cable.
    It might be craving for charging,
    It might be overcharging.
    That's my phone,
    It's lying there and alarming...

    It's a sleeping giant! Literally....
    It has a giant web of connectivity!
    While it was alarming....
    I was carried towards it running!

    Was it dominating?
    It maybe it was a steering!
    Steering for my thoughts,
    Steering for my emotions,
    Steering for my actions!

    Literally! It was a sleeping giant....
    But soon it will be commanding!