• adedayo_omooba 45w


    Mama told him to stay indoor because there is a virus out there
    Papa said to mask up because his nose and mouth need to be covered
    Aunty said to hug no one, shake nobody, for you know not who's carrying it
    Uncle bought him a substance to rub on his hands, he said it kills the thing
    They all said to live this way until it's over and there's a vaccine.

    But while indoor he's seen Papa beat Mama, again and again
    While masking up he's seen Mama shoot Papa with her words
    Uncle has been swift to slap Aunty with his substance rubbed hands
    Aunty does not only avoid hugs and handshakes, patience too
    He wishes it were not so but he's seen them all shut the door on Love.

    They let him stare, it made him cry, they let him hear, it made him sad
    "He's little" they say, "too little to matter, all these won't affect him"
    They seem to have forgotten little ones have eyes, ears and a mind too
    Now he thinks it's not safe being indoor because there's a virus in there
    And sadly we've shut the door on The Vaccine

    Right in the weaknesses he heard the whispers of a friend
    Words telling him we fight best on our knees, not in fear but faith
    For our orisons rise as incense and our hands raisings as evening offerings
    Businesses done in deep waters, access bought by blood long shed
    Victory procured by sacrifice made when the red coloured spilled

    So while men slept up rose he in response to quickening
    Armour on his body, weapon in his mouth, his little knees touched the ground
    And with wise counsel the young soldier waged war night after night
    Sweet words spoken in awe, heart pouring and outpourings, night after night
    And one night, all was still, quite and usual, suddenly there was a creak, the door!

    Someone had entered, and a wave of pure affection followed him
    when morning came he knew the entrance last night was Love's
    Now Papa is meek, mama is lovingly ever on a ceasefire
    Uncle is unimaginably new and Aunty is an acre of patience
    The virus is gone! They took The Vaccine! The young soldier won!

    When all of this is over, and we need not mask up again
    When hugs and handshakes are visible bright colors again
    When the other virus is no longer mentioned and there's a vaccine
    Many hearts will still need to hear a creak and feel the wave of pure affection
    For living life will still not be safe if we love not as fellows, Love is knocking