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    WILD NIGHTS - WILD NIGHTS! By Emily Dickinson

    Wild nights - Wild nights!
    Were I with thee
    Wild nights should be
    Our luxury!

    Futile - the winds -
    To a Heart in port -
    Done with the Compass -
    Done with the Chart!

    Rowing in Eden -
    Ah - the Sea!
    Might I but moor - tonight -
    In thee!


    I don't know why but why not? I think it's allowed to be stupid in love. I'm high on poetry. Pardon my ignorant arrogance. #random @writersnetwork

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    Calm Dawn

    Calm dawn - Calm dawn!
    Alone, without thee
    Tender mornings are
    Nothing but pain!

    Worthy -the internet-
    To a letter in mail -
    Done without a paper -
    Done without a pen!

    Swimming through the web
    Ah - the notification!
    Might I be offline - not today-
    (I'm busy)
    In thee!