• pa_luck 13w

    Why ain't the subconscious self,
    placed between "Quotation Marks"


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    Mistakes are usual and often.
    "I have been sick head of short..
    you know what."
    Oh there, i committed another one.
    "I have been answering them,
    the small pockets in my head."
    In a pattern
    the pulse changes
    and still strives to become the same.

    But mistakes are usual and often.
    "I do that habitually
    and I'm a habit."
    I never can save my roots
    from my slobber
    and wish for a decent fruit
    that serves all.
    I keep chewing the straws,
    but no amount of starch
    ever satisfies me.

    But mistakes, you see are usual and often.
    "whenever i try to fix it for myself,
    i break it for them."
    I tend to change my waters,
    so that nothing settles
    in a sediment.
    And there you see
    a chance to remind me,
    it wasn't right in the first place.

    Mistakes, mistakes are usual and often.
    "Mmm..i guess once you hear me out,
    I'll be mistaken."
    It's all correct and clear
    in my mind
    but a clutter on a call
    to subconscious self.
    "Improvising the mistake,
    makes another one."

    "Now, don't you dare call it life."