• ashamurali 33w

    Acquitted in the attic

    It was one saturday afternoon. She was livid. Her earlier fight with her husband had left her in tears. She was even contemplating leaving him forever. "He doesn't understand me at all" she thought.

    To change her mood she decided to clean out her late aunt's room. Her aunt, who was living with them had recently passed. She joined her husband who died just months earlier. They were known to be the most loving couple, and were together even in death.

    She climbed the ladder and went up the attic in the room. There was a suitcase with silk sarees. The smell of naphthalene balls was overpowering. A small box neatly wrapped in an old saree caught her eye. Out of curiosity she opened it and found some letters and photos.

    The next few hours were spent in reading the letters and looking at the photos. The letters were between her uncle and another woman. There were some sepia toned photos too taken in a beach.

    Perplexed,. she continued reading the letters. She found another letter addressed to her aunt in uncle's handwriting with just three words "I am sorry".
    And another letter written by aunt to uncle.
    "Dear hubby, I am neither condoning your actions nor pardoning you nor am I asking you to justify anything to me. All of us are human beings and are a bundle of emotions and temptations. What we chose to do with them is purely our choice.
    Not all indiscretions require actions to be taken. I am letting this pass. My love for you is not decided by this event. Our house of love will not be burned down by this termite of indiscretion. You have my love forever".

    She climbed down the attic.
    Her face, her heart, her mind were as clear as the room.