• jayogato 49w

    Saved By a Flash

    No sugar Nor salt! No rice Nor flour!
    You're a woman, come on!! It's time you fend for us,
    I felt poignant by the cacophony of words uttered unto me.
    Tears pelted down my fragile eyes, like a river disgorging into the sea,
    Woke up early, packed my best attires, fit into my late mother's gifted blue blouse and into one of my petite short skirt,
    Sauntered towards the bus station with the only note i had.
    A one way flight to the city, arrived when the sun had gone down into slumber,
    Welcomed by street lights and derelict streets.
    I settled on a sleazy corner and noncommittally coughed in fear.
    The grip almost chocked me, the smell of brewed men on my throat.
    I became the tenderloin to a pack of wolves, covered my mouth not even a space to move my tongue,
    I longed for home, I longed for help but nostalgia couldn't help.
    They peeled off my clothes one by one,
    Crucified me to the wall, then later buried me to the ground with their weight.
    One by one they went through me, the excruciating pain i couldn't fathom.
    Tears made their exit, forming a pool in my eyes,
    My efforts to fight met a mightier power!!
    Gave in due to lack of breath and strength,
    And decided on destiny to take its course,
    I uttered a serenity prayer for the Angel of death to take away all this pain and agony.
    But death rejected my plea and sent me flashes of light,
    Light that chased the men away rescuing me after the act. I wished it could have come earlier.
    Woke up in a cornucopian environment, greeted with smiles.
    But 7 years down the line.
    Living a rape victim life.
    A Woman Representative of my people!!
    A woman of substance

    Shut up Rape!!
    I conquered you!!