• creeplin 38w

    Silent prey

    I trusted you
    I trusted you to be there for me, to parent me and guide me through these wild terrains. The world is a cruel place, but you made it worse. It’s hard to feel good about yourself, when all your life you have been made to feel like you’re not good enough. No matter how much you achieve, no matter how much you try. Constantly living in your head, wearing different fake faces. Wishing you can win this race, I guess it’s life. Wishing you felt no pain, so you push away everything that comes close to you. It’s a trigger of emotions, so you show no emotions.
    As soon as that door opens, you put on your mask ready to face it all. You wish you can be free from it all. Start to think maybe you're toxic, inside you’re rotten. You keep it all bottled up inside, cannot let it out. Start to think you've got a cold heat, it’s molten. Fake smiles hide what’s real inside.

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