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    The Beauty Paradox //��

    I don't know when the word "Beautiful" began to sound like "Painful" to me.

    ��︎︎︎ PARADOX
    Hating feelings, but having too many feelings.
    Disliking people, but wanting to talk.
    Wanting to be alone, but being lonely.
    Never wanting to be arrive first,
    but always being early.
    Not caring what other think, but always trying to prove them wrong.
    Being orderly, but living in a mess.
    Knowing everything, but also knowing nothing.

    Arrogant, but also not wanting people to know, because we'd have to do the stuff.

    Don't care about people,
    but we care about our people.

    So in the end,,,

    The mind is beautiful because of the paradox
    And it uses itself to understand itself //��

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    And love love //��

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    She is a paradox..

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