• su_tshant 34w


    Walls all around..
    Walls of your room..
    Walls those surround..
    Prison walls..
    Lines you cannot cross..
    Fences you cannot jump over..
    Mountains you cannot conquer..

    You're starving..
    Your neighbour died from hunger..
    Your dog died...
    Your favourite actor
    Your favourite singer..
    Your aquarium has a layer of oil..
    Oil from your dead goldfish..

    Put some oil in a pan..
    Fry, fry it..
    Fry and eat your dog..
    Dry, dry it...
    Dry and mummify your fish.
    Stuff your cat..
    Learn taxidermy..
    Oh! It isn't dead yet..
    Kill it, kill the cat and stuff it..

    Roll your old t-shirts and smoke..
    Poke the bear..
    Fall on the floor and laugh..
    Wipe your tears..
    Now hang yourself..
    Cross the line...
    Jump over the fence...
    Break the walls
    Conquer the mountain..