• shrillsilence 54w


    Where is the carpet?
    What makes it red?
    Why is it red?
    Why not green, or blue, or black or white?
    The carpet IS? WAS it always red? WILL it always remain red?

    In the series KHOJ, WE ASK QUESTIONS from society, from our understanding of the demographic world we live in, and from ourselves. Some of these questions make sense, many don't. What matters is that we are questioning in the search(KHOJ) of answers or maybe newer better and more complex questions.
    My effort will be to combine each of the parts of the series with a poetic piece, to add the right amount of poeticness and novelty to our quest.

    NOTE - If you would like to know more about the sources of the data or information used , please message me.

    The topic that I have chosen for the coming week is HOMOSEXUALITY IN INDIA . Drop your thoughts on the same in the comments. Any suggestions for further topics are more than welcome.

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