• priyachetry 54w

    Daughter of progenitor

    Originator existence progenitor existence
    Nor existence was then
    There was no realm of love ,no bond beyond.
    Daughter held it and why?
    To what purpose

    Was there any termination, even though
    you are Alive
    Divorce, so come termination??

    Here 's the end,expectations was deathless
    Nor cognition of each other
    detachments there was , be seen yonder
    dispensation of my intense emotions

    That one then was,
    Breathless, breathing without air,
    Nature turned into self sustaining
    unlighted, darkness concealed, a formless void.

    Daughter Holding together,
    who truly knew progenitor existence
    Nor existence was then sin
    Who can perhaps stop termination
    Loud hair-raising voice, followed by tears
    Forces of causality and consequence.

    Triggering emotion , stare bewildering
    Unfiltered nature leads them to stay.
    Daughter! Hold them back.
    Stopped termination
    Yeah a little bit of moisture into chink.

    Daughter of progenitor existence
    Made existence of progenitor.